The Hauteouma Empowering playground

Welcome to the Hauteouma Blog on the Beetroute platform . This will soon be the official Hauteouma platform where you will find both our Shop and Articles with tutorials, ideas, motivation, crafts, images. New website coming soon.

Hauteouma is about creating, producing, sharing and empowering. This is my playground and you are welcome to join me

Who is Hauteouma?

I am Suzette, the owner of the Hauteouma Hub.  Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Friend. Therapist by profession, Creator by Trade, Nature lover, Minimalist by heart and I can keep long conversations with myself. Even the odd argument.

Creator by Trade is what will be focussed on at the Hauteouma Hub and Store. I love to make things, but not to keep them. I’ll create your Wordpress website for you but its not mine. I love to create fashion accessories, household items or templates for you to buy.  Tutorials are there for the taking and creating your own.


The main aim with Hauteouma is to ensure that trades, ideas and skills are paid forward to help and allow more women to acquire more skills. For woman to gain the ability to empower themselves in becoming a Woman in her own right with confidence and independence and should she wish, to turn into the Entrepreneur she dreams to be.

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Looking forward to teaming up with more women creators that needs a platform to market their products.  So many people are already creating fabulous products but are a little scared of taking the bold step of taking the ecommerce route.  Believe me it is way easier to market online and build an ecommerce store than planning and doing shopfitting!

I have built many individual ecommerce stores and it takes hard work,time, headaches, lots of money and planning, coding, changing back and forth and constant maintenance afterwards. Not always the best route to take.

Then Beetroute came along! The decision to move the Hauteouma Store to Beetroute was easy. A day has only that many working hours and I quickly realised that I cannot build and maintain a store and create products for the store and succeed at both.  I had to choose, so I chose to rent a space in the Beetroute Mall where they do all the maintenance and they help me with marketing by getting the eyeballs in the door. I can now do the fun parts of creating, making, packing, selling, shipping, blogging, marketing, training, talking and with all of that growing my bank balance.


Hope you will soon be having lots of fun learning at the Hauteouma Hub.

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