Line art templates to practice pencil colouring or water colour painting

You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

Colouring pencils

Quite often you would like to be creative, not necessarily create BIG art, no, you just want to relax, have fun and use a creative skill. Others, well, they probably just want to while their time and be creative while doing so.

I find colouring pencils an excellent way to use just about anywhere. They are easy to take with when travelling, sitting in waiting rooms, next to hospital beds, no mess, no fuss. Winter is coming and indoors are at the order of the day. 

The price of Colouring pencils can range from student cheapies to really expensive professional artist quality. If you are a beginner and only want to have fun at first, I suggest you opt for the middle of the range sets with 24 colours. I recently found the Raffine Colouring pencils which are very affordable and good quality. Almost any paper will do but if you plan to frame or gift, I suggest use a good quality drawing paper. They are available in pads, blocks and loose sheets.

Watercolour pencils are another option and is blended with water and a brush. Water brushes is an easy way to take water with you when travelling on a plane, train or boat. They come a variety of sizes and are easy to fill and use to blend the watercolour pencils for a smooth layer. I find Artsavingsclub and Loot as 2 providers of quality art supplies.

Line art templates

I started my "art" journey when the pandemic started and although I know I will never be a professional artist, I love to have fun, create and share with others that want to do the same.  Being technically inclined, I love the whole process of creating a product, scanning, editing, prepairing and making available to the next person. I will be adding more line art templates, drawings and digital products for you to enjoy and create, print and have fun. The practice images will be very affordable and you can use them freely for personal use.

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Join us on an artful journey

We may not all have the potential to become a professional artist, but we all have the ability and option to have fun.  Join me on the various platforms to start a new hobby, a skill or even a career. It is all up to you.  Hauteouma aims to provide you with inspiration or even a little push to do the things you have always wanted to try.  Here is your opportunity to start with colouring, then move on to drawing, perhaps some painting and who knows even some selling of your art.